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Thought Leadership

Longitudes is the UPS blog discussing the macro forces shaping the global economy today and over the horizon.

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The Evolving Role of the Store in e-Commerce
Bala Ganesh | UPS When it comes to retail, silos are a silent killer. In a siloed organization, those loyal to their own group or division may distrust the motives of others. There may be little or no communication between groups, and a tendency to cling to the status quo. That can lead to missing new revenue opportunities, losing touch...
Jul 13, 2015 10:20 AM ET
Bias at Work
Scott Horton | Delta Concepts Consulting, Inc.   That uncomfortable middle seat on a sold out flight. It’s not just a less than ideal place to endure airline travel. It’s where I found out that I, a corporate diversity and inclusion consultant, am guilty of profiling people. Yes, I confess: I lump people in categories based on the way they look and...
Jun 29, 2015 5:00 PM ET
The Logistics of Staying Alive
Romaine Seguin | UPS   The following is based on remarks made at the Global Summit of Women, a gathering of policymakers, business leaders and entrepreneurs in Sao Paulo focused on improving women’s roles in corporate management and the economy. The only way women are going to...
Jun 29, 2015 10:00 AM ET
Innovation Without Boundaries
Elba Pareja-Gallagher | UPS As a member of a corporate strategy team, innovation is in my job description. The cross-functional team that I’m part of is responsible for developing commercially viable concepts for how to compete in e-commerce deliveries. Since the ...
Jun 1, 2015 10:15 AM ET
Four Trends Redefining the Healthcare Supply Chain
By 2020, China is projected to spend $1 trillion on healthcare, driven by a growing middle class and aging population. This is just one of a long list of stats that illustrates the significant shifts that are happening in the healthcare industry today. Global trends such as rising consumerism, increased healthcare consumption, increasing costs of care, greater regulatory complexity and...
May 18, 2015 12:00 PM ET