Empowering Sustainable Decisions

Empowering Sustainable Decisions

GRI’s work is already embedded in different types of decision making across the world, whether through businesses using the sustainability reporting process to understand, manage and communicate their impacts on critical issues, or governments using this reported information to build smarter policy. Through partnerships, GRI is also advancing sustainable development and responsible investment. 

GRI aims to empower decision makers everywhere to take action towards a more sustainable economy and world. Please visit our website here to learn more about GRI.

Content from this campaign

Hundreds Welcome GRI Standards Across Asia
Asia is ready to take its sustainability reporting to the next level. Venues at the recent GRI Standards launch events in Taiwan, Indonesia and Vietnam were packed with participants, eager to support the move towards quality reporting.  ​ ​Asia Pacific has been the region with the strongest growth in sustainability reporting in recent times. This growth is vastly driven...
Jul 14, 2017 10:25 AM ET
How SME Reporting Will Drive Development in Asia: An Interview with Katrin Ochsenbein
Sustainability reporting by small and medium business enterprises (SMEs) can have a big economic impact. We talk to Katrin Ochsenbein, to understand the relevance of sustainability reporting in the Swiss approach to economic development cooperation and trade promotion in Asia.​Katrin is Program Manager in the Trade Promotion Division at the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic...
Jul 12, 2017 1:30 PM ET
Three Ways to Streamline ESG Reporting: Outcomes from WFE and GRI Roundtable
As environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting establishes a stronghold across markets worldwide, the question is how and to what extent this information is effectively used by investors.​ ​Bringing together companies, investors and exchanges from across the world, GRI and the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) co-hosted a round-table discussion on 7 June in...
Jul 7, 2017 11:00 AM ET
GRI Rises To Sustainability Standards Challenge
Timothy J. Mohin is the Chief Executive of GRI, developer of the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting standards. A veteran in the field of corporate sustainability reporting, prior to his appointment as Chief Executive, Tim was Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). He is also a former Chairman of the Board for the Electronic Industry...
Jul 6, 2017 12:15 PM ET
GRI Supports Recommendations by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
GRI strongly supports the work of the Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The TCFD recommendations take an important step towards integrating sustainability information into financial disclosures. Investors and other stakeholders will be better...
Jun 30, 2017 1:30 PM ET