Employee and Community Engagement

Employee and Community Engagement

At MilliporeSigma, we look for opportunities to use employee and community engagement to spark scientific curiosity and breakthroughs. We know that not all people have access to the advancements in public health that have come through innovations in life science. We also know that tomorrow’s innovations depend on the next generation of scientific explorers. This is why we focus our community engagement in two primary areas: supporting today’s scientists to accelerate access to health through scientific research and inspiring curiosity in the next generation of scientists through science education.

Our community engagement efforts include SPARK—a global, skills-based volunteer program that allows MilliporeSigma employees to leverage their diverse talents, skills and experiences to give back to the communities in which they live and work. We also created the Curiosity Labs™ program to bring the expertise of our employees and access to hands-on, interactive science lessons to classrooms around the world.

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I often find myself straddling a line between pushing forward on new Corporate Responsibility programs and reminding myself to stay the course. While there’s value in bringing new ideas to the table, it’s also important to complete what we’ve already invested a significant amount of time and energy on. It’s like I have two Jeffreys sitting on my shoulders—one is “You Can Do More Jeffrey” and...
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Curiosity Cube: Sparking STEM Investigation
This 22x10-foot, retrofitted shipping container that has been transformed into a mobile science lab is featuring hands-on science experiments to "spark" interest in STEM.  A few experiences students will observe and participate in include learning about the role of DNA in living things and the importance it plays in deciding traits (why you look the way you do) and characteristics....
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Can a Shipping Container Increase Access to Hands-on STEM?
Designing STEM outreach programs for K-12 classrooms often becomes a balancing act between ambitious goals and limited resources. Scientific equipment is just one kind of resource, but one that is unavailable to many schools. Time is a less obvious resource, but time away from classroom curriculum is becoming increasingly hard for teachers to justify with their administrators. And personal...
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Special Recognition Award Recipients Honored at R&D 100 Award Gala Event in Orlando
The R&D 100 Special Recognition Awards—now in their third year— focus on specific characteristics of a product or service that are especially impressive. Categories include Special Recognition: Corporate Social Responsibility; Special Recognition: Green Tech; Special Recognition: Market Disruptor—Products; and Special Recognition: Market Disruptor—Services. MilliporeSigma received a...
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Curiosity Cubes Aims to Spark Kids’ Interest in Science (Video)
There’s a mobile shipping container traveling around the country getting kids excited about science. “This is Millipore Sigma’s Curiosity Cube,” Rebecca Dowd, curiosity cube coordinator, said. “It’s a retrofitted shipping container that’s been turned into a mobile science lab […] to do hands on science experiments with students.” It’s all a part of Millipore Sigma’s goal of...
Nov 28, 2017 9:35 AM ET