Developmental Evaluation

Developmental Evaluation

Developmental evaluation (DE) can inform and support innovation and adaptation by asking evaluative questions, applying evaluation logic, and gathering and reporting data and findings in accessible and timely ways.

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What Have We Learned About Learning in the Past 10 Years?
As a member of the evaluation community, and in my work as an advisor to foundation clients including Kaiser Permanente’s Community Benefit, the Kresge Foundation, and the Walton Family Foundation, I think about trends shaping the field, and how they are showing up in practice. Last week, I was invited by the American Evaluation Association’s president Kathryn Newcomer to present at the...
Dec 4, 2017 8:00 AM ET
Is Evaluation the Key to a Successful Collaboration?
In our latest blog, Rebekah Levin, director of evaluation and learning at Robert R. McCormick Foundation, and FSG’s Hallie Preskill discuss the benefits of evaluating collaborative efforts and how developmental evaluation helped the McCormick Foundation turn a struggling collaboration into an effective learning experience. ...
Jun 16, 2017 8:10 AM ET
Webinar - Connecting Strategy, Evaluation, and Learning in Your Organization
Register today for the FSG webinar Connecting Strategy, Evaluation, and Learning in Your Organization. 
Apr 4, 2014 8:00 AM ET
Blog - Join the Conversation on Next Generation Evaluation
Join the Conversation on Next Generation Evaluation Last week, FSG and Stanford Social Innovation Review hosted Next Generation Evaluation: Embracing Complexity, Connectivity, and...
Nov 22, 2013 11:05 AM ET
Blog- Overwhelmed by Information Overload?
Overwhelmed by Information Overload? Today, as I was enjoying 15 minutes of sun on a sidewalk bench, I was struck by how many people are on their cell phones all the time. We have information overload – but rarely take the time to process or make sense of it all...
Sep 30, 2013 9:00 AM ET