The BSR Conference 2016: Be Bold

The BSR Conference 2016: Be Bold

The annual BSR Conference is one of the world’s most influential events devoted to sustainability. Now entering its 24th year, The BSR Conference brings together a global audience of close to 1,000 senior business executives and entrepreneurs from the public sector and civil society to explore emerging trends and innovative solutions to crucial sustainability questions.

The theme for the BSR Conference 2016 is BE BOLD. We know that the challenges of building a sustainable future are immense and will require collaborative, innovative thinking from all sectors of society. There are substantial opportunities to build inclusive, sustainable economies through business leadership and partnership and we also know that we won’t achieve these goals unless we think big—and think bold. At #BSR16, we’ll hear compelling stories from companies, foundations, big thinkers, and creative doers who have made big bets in the service of building a better world.

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