Banorte employees: a unique experience of development, confidence and wellbeing

Banorte employees: a unique experience of development, confidence and wellbeing

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In the 2014 Annual Report of #GFNorte find the talent management initiatives


  • Banorte’s Human Capital : an asset generating value over time.
  • GFNorte invests in its employees so that they are well compensated, trained and recognized.
  • Institutional wellness programs, a powerful tool to retain and develop our personnel.


Monday, September 14, 2015 - 3:30pm

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CONTENT: Press Release

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September 14, 2015 /3BL Media/ - At Grupo Financiero Banorte, we are aware that investing in our talent enriches this intangible asset that will generate value over time. We continually strive to ensure our employees are recognized, well compensated and trained.     

Our human capital is an essential factor to fulfill the goal set of maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, since we provide exceptional financial services, it is essential to build lasting trust with each customer, which is unique to Banorte. Therefore developing committed teams is paramount to our institution, as our employees are responsible for providing services directly to customers.

A competitive remuneration system, attractive benefits and institutional wellness programs are the tools with which we generate value by retaining and developing our employees.

Some of the institutional programs which distinguish the difference of belonging to Grupo Financiero Banorte, include:

  • Talent development programs: A clear way of increasing our personnel’s potential is by developing their capabilities, which we achieve through our programs of ongoing training and scholarships for Master’s degrees.
  •  Talent management: In GFNorte, we obtain the best for our employees at every stage of their life - that is why we develop our own talent with career development programs for high potential and performance staff and of course with a succession plan methodology. As a result of the success of these programs, in-house staff occupies all of our key leadership positions.

As part of our talent management, we also perform various staff assessments to determine, among other issues, performance, level of potential, compatibility with the position and effectiveness of communication between teams.

  • Occupational Health and Balancing Life Programs

Some of them are:

  • Vive Sano, Vive Banorte: involves a survey, which helps us to evaluate health risks present in our staff in order to offer personalized recommendations that allow personnel to take care of their health.
  • Health and corporate wellness program: consists of activities and programs aimed at creating and promoting a culture of corporate welfare among participants.
  • Employees callcenter for proper stress management.

With all these actions Banorte demonstrates how important its human capital is, being the valuable driving force behind the development of our country... because together, we make a stronger Mexico.