BAT's Approach to Building Shared Value for Farmers

BAT's Approach to Building Shared Value for Farmers

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How is BAT building shared value for farmers? Find out by downloading the Company’s Farmer Livelihoods Report here ➜
Monday, November 17, 2014 - 9:30am

At BAT, the farmers we work with are crucial to the success of our business and if they do well, we do well – so we make sure this happens by supporting them.

Nicandro Durante, Chief Executive, explains: “The farmers we work with are valued business partners. We want them to feel confident about their future and to be self-sufficient and prosperous.”

Our latest Sustainability Focus Report details our approach across five key areas:

Farm income: helping our farmers to have profitable businesses, with tobacco as part of a diverse crop portfolio.

Natural resources: preserving forests, water and soil health, and biodiversity – all of which are essential for long-term agricultural productivity.

Infrastructure and resources: helping tobacco growing areas be viable places to live and work by providing farmers with access to technology and investing in community projects.

Skills, knowledge and labour: promoting human rights, protecting the health of farm workers and providing advice and training for running successful businesses.

Community networks: providing farmers with support and opportunities for sharing best practice. 

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Verity Lawson
British American Tobacco