Land Betterment Corporation

Land Betterment Corporation


LBX is the first ever market-based program that incentivizes people to clean up environmental impact and restore the land from the fossil fuel industry. The LBX market value and LBX Token Issuance Process has been established to reflect the efficient market and demand for restoring the land from...
Betterment Recycling, a Land Betterment Company, is a rubber recycling company that repurposes and processes abandoned tires from prior thermal coal mining activities to premium wire free mulch for the community. The land utilized to support the recycling activities has been upcycled from a...
Pollinate, a Land Betterment brand, is an organic bee and bee products company built on the base of former coal mining impoundment. Bees are the lifeline of the environment and agriculture through their ability to pollinate flower and plants.
Betterment Metal Recovery, a Land Betterment Brand, is a metal recovery and recycling company from prior coal mining and industrial sites to be upcycled for a new and useful purpose. We provide high quality work to the local community through the process of deconstructing old mining infrastructure...


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