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We believe that the problems facing the planet demand real action today. Established in 2008, our CodeGreen initiative provides tangible low-carbon solutions to reduce water, energy and waste consumption at all Caesars resorts. CodeGreen enhances the first-class experience of Caesars Entertainment...
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Caesars Entertainment Corporation and its employees are proud to be active members of the communities in which we do business. Building Communities the Caesars Entertainment Way is the blueprint of our commitment to support and invest in those communities. We hire, retain and develop the best...
Caesars Entertainment's fourth Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability report, Vibrant Communities, details the company's efforts and commitment to enhance the environment, employee well- being, guest experience and economic development.  The report was written in accordance...
Caesars Entertainment Plans to Widely Expand Vehicle Station Network Across the Country, Encouraging a Future of Green Transportation


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