BrownFlynn has the honor of writing a monthly column on The column will feature our Principal and Co-owner, Barb Brown, and she will weigh in on sustainability issues related to organizational development and company culture. This campaign will feature the newest column every month....
The report theme aims to help readers make sense of evolving sustainability terminology and concepts with a robust glossary and interactive crossword puzzle. The report features 2012 highlights from all areas of the Firm, including client case studies, strategic partnerships and team member...
BrownFlynn, an award-winning corporate responsibility and sustainability consulting firm, and the first certified training partner of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in the U.S., offers training and education courses in a variety of formats for individuals and organizations at all steps...
This campaign will feature our GRI-certified training offerings.
As a Certified Training Partner to the Global Reporting Initiative, BrownFlynn provides insights, clarifications and explanations about the GRI Application Levels.



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