How Inova, Dignity and Kaiser Advance Healthcare Sustainability

Jul 3, 2014 10:30 AM ET

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In early June, BrownFlynn presented at the annual CleanMed conference, the health care industry’s largest conference for professionals on the leading edge of sustainability within the industry. The session, which focused on reporting as a management tool, was conducted along with VHA (which provided a unique supplier perspective), SASB (which presented its work on the identifying of the most material issues for the industry) and BrownFlynn (which outlined the larger context of sustainability and value of measuring, managing and reporting on sustainability performance).

The packed room represented health care professionals at every stage of the reporting process and from every part of the industry’s value chain. The panel spoke about the business case for reporting and the many tools available to help define materiality, manage sustainability issues and effectively communicate performance to a range of stakeholders. The interactive session also involved several industry professionals from the audience who shared their stories of navigating sustainability and the reporting process, as well as several other important issues such as active engagement with suppliers.

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