Avista Utilities

Founded in 1889, Avista Utilities engages in energy production, transmission and distribution, as well as other energy-related activities in eastern Washington, northern Idaho and southern and eastern Oregon areas. At Avista we are focused on delivering reliable energy services and choices that matter most to our customers. Our lasting principles of trust, collaboration and innovation are foundational tenets that drive us to provide safe, reliable and exceptional service. Avista Utilities is a regulated operating division of Avista Corp. (NYSE: AVA) We invite you to learn more about our company and the value we offer our shareholders, customers, employees and the communities we serve.


Shared Value
We’re frequently asked about how we do business. So, we are continuously striving to share more information about our operations and the partnerships...

Modernizing our Grid
Avista is making investments to modernize our grid and enhance reliability while building a foundation for our energy future.

Energy Efficiency
We know that the most cost-effective new energy resource is the one we don't have to build or buy. It comes from integrating energy efficiency into...

Clean, Renewable Hydro-electricity
Avista is grounded in the power generated by moving water, with over 50 percent of our energy coming from this clean, renewable resource.

A Diverse Portfolio of Generating Resources
Avista owns or manages generation resources throughout the western United States. The diverse fuel source mix allows us to meet energy demand reliably...


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