The Acacia Group

The Acacia Group – Socially Responsible Leadership Experiences provides individual participants, business leaders or corporations with an opportunity to see social responsibility not as an obligation to be managed but as a path to growth.   They use a model that shows that cultural immersion, leadership development and social responsibility are interdependent and can lead to an improved personal or business advantage.  

  The Acacia Group works with individuals, groups and companies who are ready to shift from concept to action. Using an international residency as their lever for change and insight, The Acacia Group consults and assesses participants in advance of departure, and then uses that information to support individuals through personalized and team coaching experiences while engaged in short-term international development work. The Acacia model then continues to provide coaching support to all individuals for up to three to four months upon return home to help establish transformative change and to revisit the lessons learned while overseas.
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