Gender Bias in CSR - Where Are All the Men?

Gender Bias in CSR - Where Are All the Men?


A discussion on the apparent discrepancy between genders relating to engagement with corporate social responsibility (CSR).  Examples are anecdotal and research based but show a consistent gap that illustrates a field led by women. This however does not bode well for the field if the bulk of the corporate leadership positions are predominantly male.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 - 3:30pm


Over the last several weeks our company has engaged in a series of social media notices leading up to a webinar on FAQs regarding our leadership development experience in Guatemala. Of those who showed an interest and signed up for the webinar  - entirely 100% were women.  Now, our numbers would certainly show a limiting and therefore non-valid sample size. But there is a reality that of the people that we have engaged with over the last several months the disproportionate majority are women.  Leading me to ask….Where have all the men gone? – and, given the equally disproportionate number of men in the C-Suite –is the gender difference an issue to be reconciled in order to have corporate social responsibility move to the strategic front burner? 

Aman Singh at Vault CSR did a nice job of summarizing the Boston College Centre for Corporate Citizenship report on the Profile of the Profession – In her blog Aman pointed out the ten leading characteristics/identifiers of a CSR professional – but for the purpose of this discussion let’s stick to the top four –....
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