GM Maven Mobility Services

Maven is a groundbreaking mobility program redefining transportation in rapidly growing urban areas. It starts with car-sharing and will serve as a platform for continuous innovation upgrades with the service and technology supporting it. Recently launched by General Motors in Ann Arbor in January 2016, it provides a station-based, self-service portfolio of small-to-large automobiles distributed all over the city.

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Innovation & Technology

Maven Gig Expands Across the United States
Maven Gig now provides vehicles for freelance drivers in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Future cities include Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Phoenix and Washington, D.C. HopSkipDrive is added as a new partner, along with existing partners GrubHub, Instacart, Roadie and ridesharing services.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Maven Launches City Car Sharing in Atlanta
Maven, General Motors’ personal mobility brand, is expanding its offerings in Atlanta from the Lyft Express Drive program to now include Maven City car sharing.

Innovation & Technology

Lyft and GM Launch Express Drive Program
Lyft and General Motors today announced the launch of their Express Drive short-term rental program exclusive to the Lyft platform. The program will make cars available to Lyft drivers at affordable rates with insurance and maintenance included.

Innovation & Technology

GM Launches Personal Mobility Brand: Maven
General Motors announced today its next step in redefining personal mobility with a new car-sharing service called Maven, which combines and expands the company’s multiple programs under one single brand.

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