Mohawk Industries 2018 Sustainability Report | The Power of Our Handprint

Mohawk Industries' 2018 Sustainability Report showcases how the company is actively working to expand its social handprint, while working to shrink its environmental footprint — striving to ultimately achieve a net positive impact. Mohawk continues to grow its business around the world and in doing so, is extending best practices for operating with less environmental impact and respecting the communities in which it operates. Customers incorporate Mohawk’s flooring products into their homes and workplaces — and they care about how those products are made. Mohawk responds with a growing portfolio of products that are free of harmful substances and manufactured with less environmental impact. Also integral to Mohawk’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is its relationship to employees. When it takes care of its employees, they pass on a spirit of caring to communities worldwide. Through volunteerism, donations and sustainable choices, Mohawk’s people make its handprint even more personal.

Mohawk’s 2018 Sustainability Report is available exclusively online at

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Diversity & Inclusion

Perspectives From the Front: Mohawk Champions Diversity on International Women's Day
Across the world, Mohawk employees are leaving positive handprints that leave the world better off.


Solar Flowers Bloom in Communities
To earn Petal certification from the Living Product Challenge, products must have a net-positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Reducing Our Footprint
As Mohawk works to leave positive handprints in communities around the world, we haven’t lost sight of the environmental footprint of our own facilities.

Research, Reports & Publications

VIDEO | The Power of Our Handprint: Mohawk Industries
George Bandy Jr., chief sustainability officer at Mohawk Flooring North America, explains the company’s commitment to leaving a meaningful mark and finding innovative ways to offer more social handprints than environmental footprints.

Research, Reports & Publications

Mohawk Industries 2018 Sustainability Report Showcases Flooring Company’s Commitment to Handprints Over Footprints
The power of handprints over footprints is the focus of the 2018 Sustainability Report released online by Mohawk Industries today. This year’s report illustrates how a growing commitment to sustainability by the world’s largest flooring company is shaping business decisions that positively impact the company, its customers, employees and communities. Through innovative product design and manufacturing—and a company-wide passion for making a difference—Mohawk is broadening the definition of corporate social responsibility to both “believe in better” and “believe in beautiful.”

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