Youth in Zambia Pledge to Kick Tuberculosis Out of Their Community for Good

Children International’s Kick TB Program Brings Youth Together to Play Soccer and Learn About Tuberculosis
Mar 24, 2014 6:00 AM ET

Today is World TB Day, a day to raise awareness about tuberculosis and the status of prevention and control efforts. Children International’s Sports for Development program in Zambia has incorporated Kick TB as part of the sports curriculum. Kick TB is a non-competitive, child-focused, sports-oriented advocacy and awareness campaign that maximizes every child’s ability to be an ambassador for TB prevention and control at home, at school and in their communities. The training method was designed by the National Department of Health in South Africa. The Kick TB campaign uses soccer to convey information about the risks and prevention of TB. Soccer balls imprinted with TB information and health messages educate participants on TB and what they should do if they or their family members have any of the symptoms. Participants are also given Kick TB Health Passports that can be used to document symptoms in family members. Completed Health Passports are then turned in and reviewed by designated health professionals who can recommend and monitor treatment. The overall goal of the Kick TB program is to raise awareness, improve knowledge and increase the case detection and treatment success in areas where Kick TB is implemented. By incorporating Kick TB into the Sports for Development program in Zambia, Children International aims to help communities there beat tuberculosis for good.    

Check out this video to see Children International’s Kick TB program in action!

And learn more about Kick TB on the Kick TB website.

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