Xylem Watermark Volunteers Participate in Rewards Trips in Cambodia and Costa Rica

Xylem Watermark Volunteers Participate in Rewards Trips in Cambodia and Costa Rica

Friday, December 13, 2019 - 10:30am

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In recognition of their outstanding volunteer service with Xylem Watermark in 2018, employees were invited to attend the 2019 Volunteer Rewards Trips in Siem Reap, Cambodia and Tamarindo, Costa Rica in November.

On the Cambodia trip, volunteers took part in projects with Planet Water Foundation, a global non-profit who works to bring clean water and WASH education to communities in need around the world. Over the course of the week, volunteers built two AquaTowers, installed 10 AquaHomes and provided WASH education to children and families located in impoverished communities. The projects will benefit more than 2,500 people by providing clean water access in schools and in family residences.

In Costa Rica, the group took part in a multi-day project with Costa Rica Makes Me Happy, a nonprofit with the mission to reduce single use plastics and promote sustainable recycling programs in Costa Rica. Volunteers participated in CRMMH’s “Green Home” initiative which involves the collection of raw plastic materials for the production of cinderblocks known as ECOBlocks. These blocks are used to build homes for families in need and provide waste management educational programs for communities. AquaHome Systems are also installed, which provides solar energy and rain water filtration for the home. Volunteers also conducted a recycling education program, participated in a beach cleanup and supported a local food kitchen.

About Xylem Watermark

Xylem Watermark, the company’s corporate citizenship program, was initiated in 2008, with a focus on protecting and providing safe water resources around the world and also educating people on water-related issues. The global initiative, which encompasses employee and stakeholder engagement, provides access to clean drinking water and sanitation, and humanitarian emergency response to help communities become more water-secure and sustainable through WASH and Value of Water Education programs. Last year, the program exceeded its three-year goal to log 100,000 employee volunteer hours and engaged ~45 percent of the company’s global employee base.