Xylem Watermark & Project 24: Lvea, Cambodia

Xylem Watermark supported Planet Water Foundation and Project 24, an ambitious undertaking to build 24 clean water filtration systems, bringing clean water to thousands of people in 24 hours.
Jun 18, 2018 9:00 AM ET

Lvea is a rural village remotely situated to the southeast of Kampong Speu Province in Cambodia, approximately 62 km from the closest provincial town. More than half of the local population lives below the poverty line and without access to clean water or healthcare services. The villagers generate their income from planting rice, raising animals and from crop subsistence agriculture. Ecomomic conditions have forced some people to migrate away from the village to find work. The existing infrastructure in the area is limited, which makes it difficult for people to improve their living conditions; however, the local villagers continue to uphold their family and cultural traditions under challenging conditions.

The primary school, Norea Rum, is located in the middle of the village. The school has one hand-pump well and a nearby pond, which has water for year-round use and is the only source being used by the students and the villagers. There are also some ponds in the village, but they dry out during the dry season. The most wanted and needed thing for the people in this village is access to clean water.

“The village is always faced with the lack of water supply, and many children have to help their parents in collecting water. This has impacted our school attendance and their learning progress when they are absent from their class.”  - Mr. Un Sam At, Grade 3 Teacher 

Planet Water Foundation’s AquaTower system, supported by Xylem Watermark, will provide this resilient community with the vital access to clean water they need.  

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About Xylem Watermark

Xylem Watermark, Xylem’s corporate citizenship program, provides and protects safe water resources for many of the world’s most vulnerable communities and educates individuals around the globe about water issues. This social commitment reflects Xylem’s ethos of valuing the “triple bottom-line:” financial, environmental and social. The company firmly believes in the notion of doing well by doing good, and dedicates resources to initiatives that demonstrate its commitment.

Xylem Watermark was founded in 2008 and, with its six nonprofit partners, has provided clean water and sanitation solutions to over three million people in 38 countries. Xylem launched its first Global Month of Service in October 2016 to provide a focused time to inspire employees to get involved and bring the mission of Xylem Watermark to their communities. In 2017, Xylem Watermark launched the Make Your Mark 30 Day Challenge to engage employees in solving global and local water issues in ways about which they are passionate.

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