Working Toward Packaging That Doesn't Cost the Earth

In the first of a series of interviews with the sponsors of the Sustainability Awards 2018, Georg Müller-Hof, VP marketing, introduces Avery Dennison’s sustainability vision to Packaging Europe.
Jun 20, 2018 5:10 PM ET

Originally published by Packaging Europe


What do you consider the key sustainability challenges for packaging and packaged goods?

We consider the by-products, or waste, as the key challenge. Recycling programs are in place but are not optimised yet and a lot of by-products still go to landfill or incineration if you look at the entire value chain. Each step in the chain faces different challenges, but we need to cooperate as an industry to tackle the waste issue and address the future of our planet together. We share the planet and the responsibility to take care of it, so it is obvious we should also work on a mutual solution we all benefit from.

What does the packaging value chain need to do in order to respond to these challenges ?

With every step we take, with every innovation we achieve we should strive for more sustainable solutions. From raw materials procurement to transport of the final products to the consumer, we need to consider the process. Affordable alternatives are available, so let change start with yourself and reconsider the materials we use, the way we process them and the impact of the end-product we aim to sell.

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