The Women Leading the Climate Change Fight and How We Can Support Them

Dec 8, 2021 8:15 AM ET

The Women Leading the Climate Change Fight and How We Can Support Them

By Nicole Systrom, founder of Sutro Energy Group

Like most moms-to-be, I felt a mixture of total joy and utter terror when I learned my husband and I were expecting. My own doubts about my fitness to bring a child into this world tempered the elation I felt that…well, that I’d be bringing a child into this world!

Amid that whirlwind of emotions, I also felt another pang, much deeper in my stomach: the fear that our child would enter a world where the clock was ticking. Where climate change would be an unstoppable, devastating and life-altering force. Where the world my child would live in could be very different, possibly catastrophically so. It was an awful feeling of powerlessness.

What’s the best way to combat that feeling? As we look ahead to 2022, it’s important that we get to work, bringing to bear all the resources we, as women investors, have on this problem. One of the best parts of these efforts for me over the past 15 years has been doing it in community with other women.

Begin by  1) Taking Charge of Finances: Align Your Portfolio. 2) Considering Impactful Nonprofits: Make Your Giving Climate Forward. and 3) Raising Your Voice: Engage Policymakers. 

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