Women Care for the World, and Need Our Help.

Jun 30, 2011 4:02 PM ET

Corazon de Mujer: The Heart of a Woman

Together with our partners throughout the world, Media Impact uses the best of humanity’s creative spirit and innovation to produce powerful, results-driven programs. This year, we will continue to work with organizations around the world to inspire and empower communities to educate young girls, promote gender equality and stop violence against women.  We have included information about two of these projects below.

We hope you will consider joining us in promoting the rights of women.   

Chiapas, Mexico: Corazón de Mujer (The Heart of a Woman)   On March 8, 2011, International Women’s Day, Media Impact, together with Sistema Chiapaneco de Radio, Television y Cinematografia and 15 ministries of the State Government of Chiapas, proudly launched a new serialized radio drama, Corazón de Mujer (The Heart of a Woman) in Chiapas, Mexico.    The drama explores issues that examine domestic violence, adult literacy, teenage pregnancy, and sexual and reproductive health through the lens of women as mothers, daughters and sisters.  The drama is supported by a radio call-in show, and Community Action Campaigns, which challenge entrenched notions of gender roles, spread public awareness, target and resonate with both male and female audiences, and most importantly, promote agency among women and girls to become active citizens and self-advocates.   Chiapas, Mexico: ¡Ponle Corazón! (Put Your Heart into It)

Put Your Heart into It will build on the successes of The Heart of a Woman, addressing through a  television soap opera critical social issues and cultural realities faced by women. The program will leverage a powerful medium using the inspiration and emotion of storytelling, and applying behavior-change theory to influence the knowledge, attitude and behavior of millions of viewers with regard to women’s rights and empowerment. 

Our work continues   In addition to The Heart of a Woman and Put Your Heart into It, Media Impact is also working in Peru with The United Nations Family Planning Association, producing a radio drama and a supporting campaign addressing teenage pregnancy and the sexual and reproductive rights of teenagers.     For 25 years, Media Impact has trained partners around the world to use Entertainment-Education to address critical social and environmental issues in their communities.  Entertainment-Education (E-E) incorporates vital information into entertaining media programs to simultaneously educate and amuse audiences. The non-profit organization has helped produce more than 100 such programs to address critical health and environmental issues and empower communities.