Within Our Reach - Equitable Local Economies Through Action and Investment

Within Our Reach - Equitable Local Economies Through Action and Investment

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Sydney and others at an Impact Investing conference

Sydney England, LOCUS Impact Investing

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 10:10am

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by Sydney England, of LOCUS Impact Investing 

The intersection of a global pandemic and reinvigorated demands for racial equity and social justice has created a gut-check moment for communities across the country, one that calls for a “new model” of place-based philanthropy. Now is the time to re-imagine a community and economy that work for all and re-invest to make them happen.

What would our communities look like if our local economic organizing principles were people and prosperity-centered? How would that shift impact the work of grantmakers and philanthropy? Would the work be more joyful and less pressured by resource scarcity?

In my mind, there are three distinct actions that will define this new approach for place-based foundations: 1) unlocking endowment assets to root wealth in place, 2) embracing community-determined solutions and 3) investing in the work and capacity of organizations advancing equitable economies. 

Read Sydney's full article outlining these three impactul actions for our communities here -  https://greenmoney.com/within-our-reach-equitable-local-economies-through-action-and-investment




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