What is a Green Officer?

Jan 14, 2011 11:00 AM ET

Green Path Guide

We do make distinction between a Green officer and a Certified Sustainability Officer.  Referring to Executive Order #13514, the installation of a person to champion the sustainability plan is a basic requirement.  Oftentimes, this person is not well trained although they are willing and personally committed to environmental causes.  When the officer is trained, they have the ability of the CSO to provide greater insight and a better sustainability plan for a company wishing to Go Green.

Much of what is takes to be a Green business is incremental.  Starting down the right path is very important, but afterword’s, the sustainability plan is a steady improvement of various aspect of the company.  While most firms go right after the energy items, the cost of replacement can be tough.  There are hundreds of Green ideas that can be gradually placed into the company’s operation throughout the year.

Companies are not naturally Green.  They are profit-driven, which is the only way that they can exist; and that means that other niceties are a lesser priority.  To give a voice for this cause, companies have a liaison or advocate who assists in addressing these issues for the company.  A CFO watches the financial, the CIO monitors the information flow, and CEO makes sure the company is one track from a business perspective.

The CSO is the voice of environmental issues within the company.  Like the marketing department, these complimentary services do not run the company.  They can help the company run better.  The well-trained CSO can save the company a great deal of money.  This is because of the “Lean and Green” strategies that demonstrate cost savings on many levels of the company’s operation.  There is no pressing need to hire an environmental consulting firm when there is a CSO already on the payroll.  Expert services can be required, but the large cost for a consulting firm seems unnecessary.

As illustrated by the Green Path system, appointing a Green officer is the first, very-easy step in the Greening process.  Online training programs allow this Green officer to learn how to be more effective as a Certified Sustainability Officer.  Once the Green officer or CSO is in place, the Green Path software allows the company to be guided through a series of Green improvements that can accumulate points toward Green business certification.  Under the Green path system, it is a 1-2-3 type of process.


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