What Feeds Our Soul

New post on TheSource2You describing who makes up Source Intelligence
Jan 14, 2014 2:40 PM ET
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The goals are simple at Source Intelligence: take care of your customers and “feed the soul.” But what exactly does that mean? Their people reflect the cultures, customs and regional differences of their customers.  We are all here for something bigger than the job. At Source, passion in each person’s life fuels the energy that they bring to work. They have regular “Feed The Soul” gatherings where they acknowledge effort and meaning behind individual and company accomplishments. 

In the latest blog post on TheSource2You, Source Intelligence spotlights six employees from diffent areas of the company and has them explain how they feed their soul. It is a quick overview of what is to be expected in up coming posts and give the reader a taste of what Source Intelligence is all about.

If you wish to to check out the blog go to www.TheSource2You.com