Weatherford's Sustainable Performance

Aug 14, 2017 9:00 AM ET

Focused on Sustainable Performance

Weatherford is focused on implementing world-class, reliable, durable, efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible practices, products, and services. This is led through our Operational Excellence and Performance System (OEPS) which integrates our management of quality, health, safety, security, and the environment (QHSSE) through global standards, procedures, and protocols. All business risk assessments are inclusive of QHSSE, and protection of the environment is given a high priority in all product creation and service activities.

We are committed to mitigating issues such as biodiversity, the protection of water quality, reduction of air emissions, and prevention of uncontrolled releases through specific actions written into our standard operating procedures and our technical work instructions.

Our employees, like our customers, are passionate about technology and the environment. For example, one employee in particular saw an opportunity to improve the design of our jet pumps to make them more environmentally friendly by adding in a leak detection skid. In 2016, following the successful response to the updated jet pump skids, we embarked on an ambitious project to identify products which earn the label "eco-friendly." We are performing extensive reviews of our product and services against rigorously developed "eco-friendly" criteria, and are looking forward to releasing our labelled products in 2017.

Despite the downturn our industry faced in 2016, we are proud to have over 10% of our key business locations certified to ISO 14001 and our achievements in water, electricity, and waste reductions (normalized to revenue) continued.

To learn more about our activities, visit our annual report here