Vigilant Global Conquers the Road to Quebec City with the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer

Jul 18, 2013 5:00 PM ET

Vigilant Global Conquers the Road to Quebec City with the Enbridge Ride to Conq…

The weekend of July 6th, Vigi 4 Cure took to the Quebec countryside to make its way from Repentigny to Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, a small town just outside of Quebec City, all in the span of two days.

The weather on their side, the 15 riders from the Vigilant Global team beat the sunny pavement with their wheels, passing fields, homes and supporters along the way. They received the caring support of volunteers and organizers, who made sure that there was plenty of food, water and resting checkpoints for all of the fundraising athletes.

Known for their humoristic team spirit, the Vigi 4 Cure cyclists sported a series of kids’ sun caps on their helmets, with bug-eyed faces that ranged from dinosaurs and sharks to butterflies and bears; an amusing trick to help them differentiate their teammates from the 1760 other riders taking part in the event.

Vigilant Global employees (along with partners and friends) who took part in the event faced their own set of challenges for the Ride, including a brief run-in with a motorcycle which, thankfully, did minimal harm. They were also able to try their hand at drafting, a nifty trick that professional cyclists use to reduce wind resistance and that involves several bikers pedalling in a close queue and alternating the front rider.

The 5th edition of The Ride to Conquer Cancer raised 6.3 million dollars for the Jewish General Hospital of Montreal, of which over 38,900$ was amassed by the Vigi 4 Cure team, who went above and beyond the amount they had raised last year.  

Vigilant Global wishes to thank the organizers of the Ride to Conquer Cancer for providing such an amazing and enjoyable experience for all of the participants, and promises to join in the event for its next edition!