Vigilant Global and VFast Announce Communications System Upgrade for Sandwich Technology School

Apr 25, 2016 10:00 AM ET

April 25, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Vigilant Global and VFast are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership between the two companies and the donation of a much-needed communications system upgrade and technical equipment for Sandwich Technology School. The partnership and school donation will formally launch Vigilant Global’s substantial Richborough Mast community benefits programme for the local communities in the Richborough, Ash and Sandwich area, following submission of the planning application for the Richborough Mast.

Vigilant Global is fully committed to ensuring the Richborough Mast will meet the shared needs of a range of potential users and provide significant benefits to the local community. It is financing the capital costs of these projects and has agreed to the installation of VFast’s equipment on the mast at no cost to the broadband provider. Vigilant has been working with the school and VFast for several months to develop these initial benefits.

"We are excited to be partnering with Vigilant Global to bring improved high speed broadband to the communities in the Richborough, Ash and Sandwich area," said Sean Doherty, Strategy & Business Manager at VFast. "The ability to utilise the Richborough Mast for VFast equipment will enable us to deliver significantly improved connection speeds of up to 100 megabits per second for existing and future customers.”

Sandwich Technology School will be the first local community group to benefit from the partnership, with the installation of an upgraded communications system and the provision of 80 new VOIP phones. VFast will also install a new line that will double the school’s broadband capacity. Along with the significant broadband capacity increase, the school will benefit from considerable ongoing financial savings, with its monthly communications bill halved as a result of the new agreement.

"We are very pleased to be the first recipients of the Richborough Mast community benefits programme," said Andy Fisher, Business Manager at Sandwich Technology School. "Having a comprehensive communications system is vital to the day-to-day activity at the college and Vigilant Global’s donation will allow us to target school funds where they need to be into teaching and learning rather than our failing phone system. We would like to thank Vigilant Global for their generous contribution and support.”

The provision of new equipment to Sandwich Technology School will go ahead regardless of the final decision by Dover District Council on the proposed Richborough Mast.

"Vigilant Global has a proven track record of engaging with the local communities we work with to ensure we can offer a wide range of benefits to the area as well as meet the communications needs of the financial sector," said Eric Bellerive, Director of Global Networks at Vigilant Global. “During our engagement with local community members we identified poor access to high speed broadband as a critical issue and we are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with VFast. We are looking forward to rolling out our benefits package at Sandwich Technology School in the coming weeks.”

Vigilant Global will continue to engage with local groups who could benefit from the Richborough Mast community benefits programme. The firm is encouraging other groups in the Richborough, Ash and Sandwich area to contact the team at