Vigilant Global and LaSalle Students Take FIRST Robot to Oshawa

Mar 6, 2014 4:30 PM ET

Vigilant Global Blog

The construction period for the international FIRST Robotics competition came to an end on Tuesday, February 18th. For the students of team 3985 (LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School) and their Vigilant Global mentors, the construction of the robot went on right down to the wire. The mentors’ eleventh hour purchases at Canadian Tire and Reno-Depot and endless supply of local pizza helped the team power through; letting the students finish their bot with two minutes to spare on the deadline. With a core launch mechanism that had been completed only two days before, the last few days rush forced both students and mentors alike to spend countless sleepless hours on putting the pieces together and making sure they were functional.

For LCCHS and their Vigilant Global mentors, the competition will begin the weekend of March 8th when they head to Oshawa, Ontario for a practice run of their robot before this year’s big Montreal debut. Oshawa will be their trial and error; a perfect opportunity to test the robot’s performance and make alterations if necessary.

The Montreal competition will be from March 20th to the 22nd this year at the Uniprix Stadium, and be available for live stream on the FIRST site.