VIDEOS: Inventor’s Challenge Award Winners of 2017

Thomas Edison Prize and Alexander Graham Bell Prize
Mar 30, 2017 1:15 PM ET

For the past several months, AT&T has been collaborating with Imagination Foundation on our second-annual Inventor’s Challenge – bringing together young people from around the world to create innovative, imaginative and often totally viable solutions that solve problems in their schools and communities. Imagination Foundation and the AT&T Intellectual Property team of judges had the very challenging job of picking winners (one for each age category) from the thousands of applicants.

The Thomas Edison Prize (Grades PreK–2) goes to young Alyssa’s “The Journey Box.” Alyssa, a 2nd grader from Grayson, Ga., wins this category for inventing a package of simple toys and materials that strive to add joy to the life of homeless children “all around the world.”

The Alexander Graham Bell Prize (Grades 3–5) goes to 11 year old Kiki from Richmond, Va., for her “All-You-Need-Cane.” Kiki invented the “swiss army knife” of canes to help improve the life of seniors. The cane even includes a flashlight and shoehorn! She was inspired by the challenges faced by her grandfather, and we are inspired by her.

If you’d like to see all of the inventions, check out the videos on the Imagination Foundation Inventor’s Challenge playlist.