Value of LBG Canada Audit

Isolating Sponsorship and Marketing
Aug 8, 2014 2:00 PM ET

The 2014 LBG Canada audit supported several companies in a unique way this year. Enhanced company reporting of expenditure in combination with improved LBG Canada data collection tool (DCT) usability enabled a more finite analysis of ineligible investments.

A key priority for several community investment professionals was to examine their budget allocations in order to isolate ineligible expenditures as per LBG Canada valuation principles. The purpose was to get data to support what was already known – miscellaneous business expenditure can be found in the community investment budget – and to make the case for moving such expenditures to other company business unit budgets.

Analysis of these company expenditures, excluding ineligible portions of tickets and tables, revealed between 10% and 14% was spent on purely marketing and sponsorship, with no community investment link. SiMPACT looks forward to working with these companies as they use LBG Canada data to make the case for budget re-structuring.