Value of LBG Canada Audit

Reporting on Flagship Projects
Aug 1, 2014 2:30 PM ET

The 2014 LBG Canada audit enabled companies to report on expenditure specific to flagship projects. Flagship projects can span between multiple business units, and can include multiple types of investment including cash, in-kind, time and program management costs.

Reporting expenditure specific to flagship projects supports evidence-based decision making when allocating limited resources on community investment priorities. It is especially useful when examining resource input in relation to benefit output. For example, the return (employee engagement and external resources leveraged) from the investment (program management costs).

Tracking of employee time, giving, and external resources leveraged in relation to flagship projects is an effective way to demonstrate the impact and value of investing in flagship projects. SiMPACT looks forward to supporting companies in making the case for the value of flagship projects.