Value Chain: Our commitment toward SMEs (Small and Medium Size Enterprises)

Mar 18, 2011 2:00 PM ET
Campaign: Valor Económico

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) March 18, 2011 - Crediactivo Empleo is a financial product that envisages a reduction in credit rates of 3 percentage points when a micro, small and/or medium size company creates 3 formal and permanent jobs.  

This acquires great meaning if we consider the fundamental role of Micro and SMEs in job creation in our country (eight out of every ten jobs is generated by SMEs) and, in the Mexican economy, this represents about 83% of the Gross Domestic Product.   If we go beyond that aspect and reflect on the benefits for those people with a formal job, such as the opportunity to improve their quality of life, their education, and that of their families, therefore, representing the best prepared labor force in the country; it is worthwhile to make an effort to create those products.   Banorte’s job in helping develop Mexican SMEs and those who work in them will not stop here. The service of the Circulo PyME Banorte (PyME Banorte Circle) includes orientation about Corporate Social Responsibility, if we take into consideration: (a) that a company that wants to stay in business for many years needs to adapt and therefore, incorporate sustainability aspects; (b) the fact that incorporating sustainability in the processes of SMEs makes them more appealing for those who want to work with and for socially responsible companies; and (c) the involvement SMEs have in their communities, due to their closeness.   On March 2nd, we launched the Crediactivo Empleo product, a source of great pride for our organization that wants to continue providing support to the Mexican people and to Mexican SMEs.   *Product terms and conditions apply. For additional information visit   Sources:   BANO12496