UPS's Haiti Relief Efforts at a Glance

Jan 28, 2010 9:30 AM ET

UPS Provides Relief to Haiti Victims

UPS has committed $1 million in cash and in-kind shipping to several humanitarian relief organizations, amongst them: CARE, the Red Cross, UNICEF and The Salvation Army to support the victims of Haiti's earthquake.

Here are some details of how our contribution is being put to use since the earthquake and looking ahead this week.  

  • Air Shipments of supplies to Haiti via the Dominican Republic and Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

  • Ground and air transportation of donated goods from collection sites and distribution centers to airports (Canada, Europe and the US)

  • Customs clearance for goods traveling across borders to Haiti.

Goods transported so far include: high-energy biscuits, tents, water, personal hygiene kits, ready-to-eat meals, tarps, water purification systems, medical supplies, blankets, underwear and plastic containers to store water.

Additionally, more than 100 UPS transportation and logistics experts are currently providing supply chain coordination and relief support across the world and on the ground in SDQ and PAP.  Some of the UPS volunteers include:

UPS Americas’ John Vera, Health and Safety Manager and Bill Torres, Contingency Manager

  • UPS logistics experts deployed January 22 as part of the World Food Programme’s Logistics Emergency Response Teams (LETs)

  • Assigned to air and warehouse operations in SDQ, which has been established as a UN logistics center serving Haiti

  • UPS has a total of 20 trained experts on LETs

Craig Arnold, UPS District Sales Manager, San Francisco

  • Serves on the board of his local chapter of The Salvation Army

  • Currently helping The Salvation Army with the distribution of meals, water and other relief supplies in Port-au-Prince

UPS employees contribute more than 1 million hours of volunteer service each year to help strengthen local communities. John, Bill and Craig are examples of UPS employees who volunteer their time and skills to make a difference in the world.

Click here to watch the UPS Haiti Relief video