Unreported World: Embarrassed Fraud Victims Sweep a Third of Scams Under the Carpet

Oct 30, 2017 11:15 AM ET

Originally published on Barclays

  • A third of Britons have now been a victim of fraud but the average person would only report it if they lost £112 or more
  • Embarrassment is one of the most common reasons for people not reporting the crime 
  • £893.34 is now the average amount lost to fraudsters, per scam 
  • To reduce the stigma surrounding fraud and to encourage people to speak out, Barclays is launching the Embarrassing Fraud Clinic and a brand new online fraud intervention service

To help tackle this stigma and to reassure people that being a victim of fraud is not embarrassing, Barclays is launching its Embarrassing Fraud Clinic.

Visiting three cities London, Manchester and Glasgow, the clinics will provide the public with free access to a wealth of information and knowledge. Expert advice and support will be given by Jenny Radcliff, a “people hacker” and Julie Clegg, former Detective and Intelligence Expert on Channel 4’s TV show ‘Hunted’ – alongside a Barclays Digital Eagle. A ‘digital health check’ will also be on offer with personalised advice on protecting against potential cyber threats. 

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