Unilever Releases Infographics to Demonstrate the Interlinkages Between Water and Sanitation

Mar 20, 2015 3:30 PM ET

Unilever believes that water and sanitation is key to sustainable, inclusive development and should be a central part of the new UN global goal framework.

A strong, integrated water and sanitation goal will drive progress across the whole spectrum of economic, environmental and social SDGs – delivering a better future for the planet and all of its people.

Working with UN-Water, WaterAid, Global Citizen and the World Bank – Unilever has developed two infographics that demonstrate how Goal 6 (Water and Sanitation) underpins progress across all the other development goals and targets.

As UN member states enter their final negotiations on the sustainable development goal framework, please share these infographics to build support for a comprehensive, interconnected water and sanitation goal that can truly deliver transformational change.