UN Global Compact Bulletin (January 2018)

Jan 16, 2018 8:15 AM ET

UN Global Compact Bulletin (January 2018)

Equality, justice and freedom can prevent violence and sustain peace. Business can take critical steps to stand up for human rights.

Select your 2018 Engagement with the UN Global Compact and find the right level of engagement to suit your company's need.


Executive Update: What Business Can Do to Celebrate Human Rights

"From rising economic and social inequality to the infringement of many basic rights and freedoms, we live in a world in desperate need of change; one where the role of business in advancing human rights is indisputable."

As the UN Global Compact kicks off a year-long celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, read Lise Kingo's latest executive update on how business can stand up for human rights around the world.

Climate-Proofing the Global Economy

To achieve the ambitions of the Paris Agreement, business must continue to act urgently and decisively to climate-proof the global economy. More than just the right thing to do, smart businesses know that responsible climate action is in their own self-interest — and the United Nations Global Compact is here to help. Join us to learn more about how you can help ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

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Choose your 2018 Engagement Tier: Will your Company Become a Participant or Signatory?

Starting in January 2018, the UN Global Compact will offer two distinct engagement tiers to suit your company’s needs: Participant or Signatory. In order to engage in either tier and remain an active Participant or Signatory of the UN Global Compact, we ask larger companies to make a required annual financial contribution, based on their company’s annual gross revenue/sales.

Invest in Sustainable Development

Companies and investors are increasingly working together to address major global challenges. The adoption of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in private investments is evolving from a risk management practice to a driver of innovation and new opportunities that create long-term value for business and society.

Join the Business for Humanitarian Action Platform

Over 80 per cent of humanitarian crises are now linked to conflict. Due to the scale, complexity, duration and recurring nature of today’s humanitarian crises, we need a coordinated effort with Government, the UN, civil society and business working together. Explore opportunities and create innovative solutions to support conflict-affected people.

Set Science-Based Emission Reduction Targets

If your company has taken steps to set ambitious climate goals, you are already on your way toward promoting a more sustainable future. Use science-based target setting to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and limit global warming to less than 2º C.

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