Turning Green Into Gold

Feb 1, 2010 10:05 AM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) February 1, 2010 - We are entering an era when environmental awareness brings serious implications for every business.  The first issue is the absolute necessity to be involved in helping deal with Green issues about health, and the Blue issues of sustainability.  In other words, there are things that need to change because we are stewards of our lives and of our world for many generations after us.

Secondly, there are some interesting benefits that your company will most likely miss without professional guidance.  As a Certified Green Consultant, I take great pleasure in telling you that Going Green will save your company thousands of dollars that are currently being wasting or lost.  Going Green is often perceived as an additional cost of installing major improvements.  This is no longer true.  Going Green now brings tremendous efficiencies that will save your company a great deal of money. 

I am sure that you can easily see the value of having a legitimate Certified Green Business award for your business.  It is a great way to promote your business' uniqueness.  It is no longer enough to claim to be Green.  Self-appointed Green boasting is on the same level as claiming to be better than the next business (who is making the same boast as well).  The fact that you have EARNED your Green Business certification gives your company the high ground and in marketing high ground as well.

Another factor is that your employees and customers will be happy to learn that your business has gone Green.  It means that your business is healthier, your employees will be more productive, and health claims will be reduced.  There is a public belief that Green businesses offer a better local environment and care about people ... as well as the earth.  It may be an intangible factor, but it has value as you promote your company's image.

You must realize that "Energy costs are going to skyrocket" in the years to come.  I enjoy showing firms how to save money on many levels including energy.  The ability to save 10-25% on energy costs today, will turn into enormous savings in years to come.    As you know, every dollar saved in operational cost will increase your company's profitability this year and every year to come.  Increased costs are as certain as tomorrow's sunrise.  Therefore, what I do for my customers has tremendous benefits for their future success and profitability.

Earning the Green Business Certified status from the Green Business League starts with an assessment review.  Your company probably has a variety of Green ideas in place, but it has no way to verify and validate your Green accomplishments.  During the assessment, we award points for all Green elements of your business.  We also make suggestions that will get you to the needed 100 point certification goal.  In most cases, these suggestions are very simple and affordable.  The value that you will receive exceeds the cost and effort many times over, and that is what my services demonstrate.  Going Green is not a cost, it is always about savings!

Unlike the LEED program, you need not own your building.  You can be a renter, lease the building, or maybe you do own the building.  It really doesn't matter because we look at the "Green Practices" or operation of your business.  While the Greenness of buildings or products are helpful, we consider the people who make Green happen on a daily basis. 

Finally, let me explain another valuable reason to become a Green leader in the community.  We face a serious issue that threatens our lives at every level.  I am organizing a literal Green Business Network in this community along with hundreds of other Green Consultants across our country.  I am looking for people who want to be leaders in this new, bold future.  Part of my task is to help companies build a Green Supply Chain by connecting them to other businesses eager to exchange business with other Green businesses.  Every 90 days, we bring together Green motivated business to learn more about going Green, and desirous to connect to a business like yours.  You see, Going Green will help make your business more profitable, and I'd like to help your company, our community, and our world come out of this challenge as true winners.

The Green Business assessment is free of charge.  Earning your Green Business Certification will be a source of great pride, marketing value, business improvement, and (of course) savings that will increase your bottom line profits.  While there is a cost to certification, it is far outweighed by the benefits your company will enjoy.  I plan to call you in the next few days to schedule your free assessment.  Shouldn't you be the Green leader in the community and get the benefits your company deserves?   


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