Treating Wastewater With Less Water Waste

In June 2015, Xylem unveiled a drinking water filtration system that destroys difficult-to-treat contaminants — including personal care products, active pharmaceutical ingredients and steroids, pesticides and herbicides — while using less water than other
Jun 29, 2016 1:00 PM ET


Our Leopold Oxelia™ filtration system is a multi-barrier solution that combines ozone oxidation and biologically active filtration into a single process. This solution is powerful and flexible enough to eliminate “contaminants of emerging concern” that can pass through conventional wastewater treatment processes. If these contaminants are discharged back into surface waters, they can cause harm to aquatic life and to people who draw their drinking water from these sources.

Oxelia produces a supply of clear and biologically stable water that protects water ecosystems and is safe for drinking.

The process also conserves water by minimizing filter backwash. Other treatment systems concentrate the collected contaminants into a waste stream that can represent as much as 20 percent of total flow — and also require additional special treatment. With Oxelia, the filter backwash makes up less than 3 percent of total flow, and can be sent back to the beginning of the system for a second pass-through or managed by a solids handling system that requires no special treatment.

After years of extensive testing, this new system was officially unveiled last year at the American Water Works Association annual conference in Anaheim, California. The state was — and still is — in the midst of one of the most severe droughts on record, and water reuse was a prominent topic of interest at the conference. The location of this new product launch reinforced the vital role that Oxelia can have in increasing water reuse capabilities in order to secure a sustainable water supply today and for future generations.

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