The Travels of Market Pulp

Domtar pulp sales VP Lewis Fix looks at the growing market for market pulp in China
Feb 4, 2014 8:00 AM ET


“You mean you actually make things and ship them TO China? Wow, I didn’t think that happened.” That was the surprised response from the traveler sitting next to me on a recent flight back from China, when I explained what it is I do. (When I asked him the same, he said he was in the “Christmas industry,” his company makes Christmas lights.)

We make market pulp at eight mills across North America and sell it to customers in six continents. Our customers use our pulp to make paper, tissue, towel, diapers, and other things like building materials and dish ware. And yes, many of these customers are in China. Sometimes they make it into something and export it, but increasingly, they use it to make something that stays in the country, like diapers and tissue.

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