Top 5 Reasons to Get Muddy with Team LIVESTRONG

Jul 8, 2016 8:00 AM ET

Top 5 Reasons to Get Muddy with Team LIVESTRONG

Heard about Tough Mudder events but not sure whether they are for you? Here are five great reasons to get muddy with Team LIVESTRONG:

1. You’ll have an awesome story to tell
There will be no greater Monday for you at work than the Monday after a Tough Mudder. When your coworkers ask you, “what did you do this weekend?” you’ll have telling tales of hurdling obstacles, running up walls, climbing human pyramids, jumping into a tank of ice cold water, and mud … you’ll have lots of stories about the mud. You might even have a few pictures too (in case they don’t believe you). And you may inspire your coworkers just enough that they will want to join you next year. Tough Mudder even encourages you to proudly wear your headband to work on Monday, snap a picture and #muddermonday.

2. It’s fun … bring your friends
I wasn’t the person that saw a video for Tough Mudder and thought “Yes! I need to this!” I was talked into it by a group of friends who had done it the year before and I grudgingly agreed to sign up and get muddy with them. It’s difficult to run a traditional running race with friends, you can always say you’ll run together but at some point in the course you eventually get separated. However, with an obstacle race it’s completely different. Plus, you will need help along the way to tackle most (if not all) of the challenges on the course. So whether that help comes from a stranger or your best friend either way you’ll be glad they’re with you.

3. Challenge yourself to achieve something you never thought possible
For me one of the most fun things about doing a Tough Mudder was the comradery between strangers. It’s not about who finishes first or setting a personal best on the course, it’s about challenging yourself and finishing. It’s about the immense feelings of accomplishment once you cross the finish line and they put that headband on your muddy head and pass you the most refreshing beer of your life. It’s about the high 5’s and the words of encouragement from everyone else, because for one day you’re all in this together. I crossed so many obstacles that I never thought possible and all because of the help from strangers, who literally lifted me up, coached me how to do it, and then encouraged me as I made it.

4. Fight for one day for people who are fighting the battle of their life
Cancer is a battle and anyone who says differently hasn’t been in the trenches. Tough Mudder is a one day battle between you and 10-12 obstacles with some mud sprinkled in between. By joining Team LIVESTRONG you’re not just doing a Tough Mudder for you, you’re raising money to help those are going through their own battles every day.

5. For the cool T-shirt, wristbands, and awesome support
Being part of Team LIVESTRONG you receive personal, one on one fundraising support and tips to help your exceed your goals. We help you create and set up a Fundraising page to share your story, add pictures, and collect donations. We also provide you with materials and an abundance of wristbands for your fundraising campaign because we want you to succeed! As an added bonus we send you a LIVESTRONG shirt to wear after you’ve washed all that mud off! And you’ll leave the race with an accomplished feeling knowing you achieved a goal for yourself and those fighting cancer.

Got you excited? We have teams at Tough Mudder events in Colorado, Seattle, New Jersey, Southern California, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Central Texas! Sign up today!