Top 5 Reasons to Run the New York City Marathon with Team LIVESTRONG

Aug 31, 2016 3:30 PM ET

Top 5 Reasons to Run the New York City Marathon with Team LIVESTRONG

On November 6 50,000+ runners will hit the streets of the five boroughs for the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon. Team LIVESTRONG will be taking to the streets of NYC in force. Here are five things they can look forward to as part of our team on 11/6:

1. You get to run for something bigger than yourself!
We all know running is hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it. However, one thing that makes it easier is finding a deeper meaning in your run. It can be hard to get out of bed for a training run early in the morning when you are not meeting someone else or thinking about larger goals. However, by joining Team LIVESTRONG, your training and your race day will all of a sudden mean so much more. You will be running for the 33 million people affected by cancer, as well as yourself. When that lactic acid kicks in during the race and you start to feel like slowing down, you can think about those who you are out there for and you will find that extra strength you didn’t think you had.

2. You are guaranteed a spot in one of the world’s most premiere marathons.
To run the New York City Marathon most people have to either enter into a lottery or meet one of the NYRR’s very specific qualifications. By joining Team LIVESTRONG, you will be able to bypass the usual standards for entry, removing the headache many other runners will face. We want anyone to have the opportunity to run this incredible race!

3. You will have a community in a sea of runners.
In a field of nearly 50,000 people, you will not be just a number. You can take comfort in running with and finding your Team LIVESTRONG teammates out on the course. Just look for our iconic yellow shirts!

4. You will see the city in a completely new way!
Whether you have been to New York City before or not, running through the five Boroughs is very different than taking a cab or Uber to get around—especially when you get to run across some of the country’s most famous bridges that are usually only for cars. This is not a boring race—that is for sure. Take it from P.Diddy who once famously said, “Never in my life have I experienced anything as crazy as this!”

5. You will get to set two goals and prove to yourself that you’re capable of both.
With Team LIVESTRONG you will be required to raise a certain amount of money to get your spot. So beyond setting a training/racing goal, you will have a fundraising goal. The feeling of meeting a fundraising challenge can be just as powerful as crossing a finish line. You will know that your hard work both in training and in fundraising paid off when you cross that finish line!

We can’t wait to see you all in the Big Apple on November 11! If you have questions or need guidance for fundraising, we are always here to help: