Tools To Empower Students Today for the Future of College Success

Sep 1, 2022 2:30 PM ET
a young girl doing a math equation on the white board

September is College Savings Month, a time to raise awareness about the importance of planning financially for college. This September proves ever more important with research showing that 1 out of 6 students don’t currently have the baseline of economic knowledge needed for long-term success, which includes things like planning financially for college, a career, and the future they desire.

To help students sharpen their financial literacy skills and prepare for big life decisions like college, Pathways to Financial Success in School offers no-cost, self-paced digital resources for students to use in and out of school to step-up their knowledge of personal finance topics. The program, created by Discovery Education and Discover Financial Services, was designed to empower students, classrooms, and families with multimedia resources aimed at fostering understanding of the financial concepts we use daily, monthly and throughout the various stages of our lives.

In the classroom, financial literacy is also becoming of greater focus as more states are requiring it as part of the school curriculum. For educators seeking easy-to-integrate resources Pathways to Financial Success is a destination tailored to modular, standards-aligned classroom tools that can be used, and built on, across a variety of subjects and settings. New resources, added to the program for College Savings Month, offer materials that provide student-understanding around important topics like insurance, renting or buying a home, paying for a vehicle, and consumer rights. Each thematic area includes an accompanying educator guide with all information needed to integrate personal finance into classroom activities, including learning objectives, standards alignment, challenges, questions, and more.

Educators can take the learning further with professional development. Available for both middle school and high school educators, a master class series highlights incredible educators as they each discuss their unique and dynamic approaches to financial education.

While September serves as a reminder, college savings is a year-round concept and Pathway to Financial Success serves as a powerful resource to help students take control of their financial futures and put them on the pathway to lifelong success, whether that includes college or not. Learn more at and through Discovery Education's K-12 learning platform.