Time Warner Cable Marks One Year of Success with AMBER Alert Initiative

Community Connections
Jul 13, 2015 6:40 PM ET

By Stephanie Salanger, Community Investment Manager

With over 18,000 technicians on the front line of customer care in 29 states, Time Warner Cable was uniquely poised to partner with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to implement the AMBER Alert program in June 2014. NCMEC is the authorized agent of the Department of Justice responsible for expanding “secondary distributors” such as TWC – those companies that disseminate an Alert through proprietary channels once it has been issued by national and local law enforcement.  TWC is one of the largest companies in the US to implement this program nationally and our goal is to instantly galvanize our techs to be additional eyes and ears in communities  assisting in the search for and safe recovery of an abducted child. It’s an intense source of pride for these employees who all live and work in the communities in which we serve.

Now, looking back one year later, we have issued over 80 Alerts and reached techs in specific geo-targeted cities in just under 15 minutes on average. Using our proprietary network communication system and workforce platform, TWC is able to receive the Alert through its Global Security Operations Center and then in real-time, distribute directly to TWC-issued laptops used in the field by technicians who are in the impacted area.  We are grateful the process internally has been working seamlessly and our technicians are proud to be so intricately involved in keeping our communities safe. This is a prime example of our TWC Community value in action and we’ve heard from many of our techs that they are excited to “be part of the technology solution” to combat child abductions.

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