TheSource2You: Giving Transparency to Source Intelligence

New weblog bares the soul of Source Intelligence
Dec 16, 2013 4:30 PM ET
Campaign: Conflict Minerals

Have you ever wondered who the person on the other end of that email or business call  is? What are they passionate about? What simulates their mind? How do they relate personally to the company they work for? What feeds their soul?  Well, at Source Intelligence we have decided to create a blog that gives transparency to our company, just as we give transparency to our client’s product supply chains. TheSource2You is designed to allow you to find out who is on the other end of that line and give you a peak inside the company that delivers the highest quality information and knowledge to help customers make informed decisions about their business partners and suppliers so they can offer products that meet legal, ethical, and environmental standards.  

Becoming visible is a vital aspect of the Source Intelligence identity, it allows us to provide an innovative technology while reflecting the cultures, customs and regional differences of our customers and their suppliers.  As an extension of that, TheSource2You was created to allow our diverse employees, clients and industry experts a platform to reinforce the personality of Source Intelligence by sharing segments of their personal life and how they relate back to the company. 

The contributors to the weblog will be sharing a vast array of life stories about what they are passionate about and what stimulates them.  These stories have shaped the contributors and the excitement form them is absorbed in to the work place and the work they do. Because of this a melting pot has emerged at Source Intelligence, with unique individuals, with different backgrounds coming together to work towards a common goal of providing our customers with a technology that helps them work with suppliers who offer ethical and sustainable products.

Each member of the Source Intelligence team is driving towards the same common goal, but each individual also has personal reasons for wanting to work for and with the company.  Whether it be to bring peace to a war torn country, or to contribute to a more sustainable environment or even just to provide for their family, everyone on the Source Intelligence team adds depth and personality to our final product.

One of our top three company goals at Source Intelligence is to “feed the soul,” but what exactly does that mean? It is an appreciation of our co-workers and our own accomplishments. Every month we get together and praise both the companies and each others individual accomplishments. Whether it is becoming a first time father, completing an Iron Man, closing a deal or even taking a life changing trip, it is a time to learn about makes each other happy and to become a family. TheSource2You is an ode to this for the whole world to see.

So what will you, the reader, get out of this blog?  Instead of seeing Source Intelligence as a just another company, you will began to see us a cohesive unit of unique individuals, all driving towards a common goal. You will read about our experiences and understand how they shape and influence the personality of Source Intelligence.  You will find out who we are.