Tetra Tech Continues to Advance STEM Around the World

Sharing our passion to help students spark an interest in science and engineering in 2018
Jun 27, 2018 9:00 AM ET

Tetra Tech News

Tetra Tech’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Program aims to inspire students to learn about and develop an interest in STEM-related fields. Our program continues to grow, enabling our employees to share their knowledge and to spark a passion for innovation and problem solving with students in our local communities.

We are pleased to highlight some of the activities that our employees around the globe participated in early 2018.

Navajo Nation Outreach Project, Arizona
Tetra Tech employees participated in a career day at Monument Valley High School in Kayenta, Arizona. The goal of this career day was to inspire and educate local Navajo Nation high school students about STEM-related careers. Our employees shared with the students some of the local work we are completing for the Navajo Nation. In addition, one of our local Navajo employees shared her success story about pursuing a career in the STEM-field. The students also had the opportunity to explore surveying equipment and how to plot points on a graph.

Virtual Reality (VR) Workshop, New York 
Tetra Tech employees from our Ithaca, New York, office presented “Make Your Own Virtual Reality” at a science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics event held at a one of our client sites—a local middle school in Lansing Central School District. Our employees conducted two workshops with 40 middle school students that began with a brief description of stereoscopy and how our eyes use this principle to perceive the world around us. They also explored how we can create imagery that simulates reality with cameras and computers. Students were invited to make their own virtual environment artwork and experience their creation through an immersive, high-tech VR headset. The students also had the opportunity to view the virtual models Tetra Tech had created of their new school spaces that will be constructed in the summer and to experiment with modeling software.

Superhero Daughter Day, Australia
Superhero Daughter Day is an initiative to encourage girls ages 5 to 12 to get excited about STEM. Held in various locations with more than 1,300 attendees across Australia, the unique event enabled the next generation of girls to get involved in tech. Our employees helped introduce more than 150 girls to the world of STEM across two of their locations. The Brisbane Office of Norman Disney and Young, A Tetra Tech Company, ran a session using VR where each girl could build and test her own virtual vehicle, while the Melbourne-based acoustics team ran a session that involved making and changing sounds using everyday objects such as balloons, rulers, paper cups, and string.

Covestro Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair, Pennsylvania
Tetra Tech employees in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, participated as judges and volunteers at the 79th Covestro Pittsburgh Regional Science & Engineering Fair at Heinz Field. The event featured more than 1,000 science, math, and engineering projects by students in grades 6 through 12 from 21 counties in Western Pennsylvania and Garrett County, Maryland.

Women in Science and Engineering National Conference, Canada
Tetra Tech sponsored and participated in the 2018 Women in Science and Engineering National Conference in Ontario, Canada, which aims to inspire students to explore their passions and to make lasting connections. Our electrical engineers who specialize in high voltage substation work discussed STEM-related careers and opportunities with the 300 students in attendance.