Teens Teaching Teens: Youth in Children International’s Youth Health Corps Pledge to Educate Their Peers and Communities About Better Health

Teens Teaching Teens: Youth in Children International’s Youth Health Corps Pledge to Educate Their Peers and Communities About Better Health

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Youth from Santa Rosa and Cartagena, Colombia, attended a YHC-sponsored Health Fair to learn more about pregnancy and STD prevention, drug and alcohol dependency and other health issues that can prevent them from escaping poverty. ©2014 Children International

YHC peer educators partnered with the Peace Corps for a street rally in the Batasan community in Quezon City. This event kicked off a series of youth events aimed at slowing the spread of HIV and AIDS in the Philippines. ©2014 Children International

In Guayaquil, Ecuador, YHC facilitator Alejandra and her friends took advantage of the crowd of parents and children assembled for a gift distribution to pass out health-related leaflets and brochures. ©2014 Children International

In Barranquilla, Colombia, 17-year-old YHC co-facilitator Arling encourages three young sponsored youth to join the YHC and become peer educators to give back to their communities. ©2014 Children International

Members of the YHC in Lusaka, Zambia, share solidarity messages after attending an informational workshop about the dangers of teen pregnancy. ©2014 Children International

Peer educators from Copan Ruinas, Honduras, gathered at a local hotel for an all-day training session on protecting the rights of children and youth. ©2014 Children International

At the year-end YHC ceremony in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 18-year-old Danilza accepted a position as a co-facilitator for the following program year. ©2014 Children International

Teenage girls from Kolkata, India, attend an interactive health workshop sponsored by the YHC. ©2014 Children International

In Tabaco, Philippines, youth explore culturally sensitive health issues through plays, music and dance. Here YHC youths Joniel and Daryl perform a skit in which an informed youth faces off against a traditional witch doctor. ©2014 Children International

Oscar and Víctor from the YHC in Guadalajara, Mexico, give a presentation at the annual Youth Induction Fair to encourage the class of incoming 12-year-olds to sign up for the group. ©2014 Children International

Monday, April 7, 2014 - 7:00am

CAMPAIGN: Health and Nutrition

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By Garrett Kenyon

Teens in Children International’s Youth Health Corps (YHC) take a pledge to educate their peers and communities about better health. In honor of World Health Day, we’ve gathered a best-of photo gallery to show off the work of these dedicated peer educators.

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The “Teens Teaching Teens” slideshow is also available on the Children International website.  

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