Symantec Volunteers Help Seniors Go Techy

By Trisha Hailston, Symantec's Senior Administrative Specialist and Culver City Community Relations Committee Leader
Apr 30, 2015 9:00 AM ET

Let’s face it, many of us are guilty of giving a parent, grand parent or elderly friend a tech gadget, excited about bringing them into the “new age of tech”. However, often we quickly realize we don't have the patience, or the time, to help them learn how to use it. After all, isn’t it just intuitive? It’s easy, just play around with it and you’ll figure it out!

While often seniors get a reputation for not wanting to use the latest tech gadgets, many just need a few quick lessons and they are on their way. For example, they often simply need assistance setting up a gadget, understanding how they function, and most importantly ensuring they are using safe practices online.

It might seem obvious to many, but strange to a tech newbie that you wouldn’t open “that type of email” from a friend because it might be a virus. Or that passwords shouldn’t be your name and birthdate.

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