Symantec and TechSoup Global Help Nonprofits Achieve their Missions

By Marissa Rusek, Senior Program Manager, TechSoup Global
Sep 27, 2013 10:00 AM ET

Symantec and TechSoup Global Help Nonprofits Achieve their Missions

At the rural base of the Appalachian Mountains, 80 miles north of Atlanta, sit two small library branches that serve a county of 25,000. One of the main reasons people come to the libraries in White County is to use the computer. For example, Michael Humphrey, Program Manager for White County Libraries, recalls that when a Wal-Mart opened in the area in 2010, local residents seeking work had to have computer access to apply for the sought-after jobs.

“People came in to use the computer who had never used one before. As a result, the small library staff worked with patrons one-on-one and held computer classes two or three times per week.”

To meet this local need for networked computers, Humphrey tapped TechSoup, an international network of NGOs that provides technology resources and education to non-profits, NGOs, and charities around the world, to request donated desktop computers. To keep his local network safe and secure, Humphrey also requested a donation of Norton Antivirus software for each machine, which he updates regularly.

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