Weekly Highlights September 26, 2013 Weekly Highlights September 26, 2013

SHQ Highlights September 26, 2013
Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 12:15pm

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Top Story of the Week

It's late September and here in New York City the annual ritual of the world's public sector, NGO, corporate sector and other civil society leaders gathering for the United Nations General Assembly meetings.  With so many luminaries, influentials and thought leaders gathered in one place, naturally there are a lot of meetings going on - inside the UN complex and outside as well.  In recent years the gathered have increasingly focused on making the world more sustainable for our present 6 billion-plus inhabitants (and the 9 billion souls expected by mid-century).

One powerful global collaboration for leaders is the Global Compact ("UNGC"), which will be unveiling a new "architecture" for the private sector.  Forbes contributor Dov Seidman outlines the new directions for UNGC (and especially private sector leaders signing on to the Compact) in our top story (below).  He addressed the leaders and noted that " handle our modern reality of extreme volatility and multiple crises...we need common values and a common mission...” which is what the UNGC and related UN entities for business community and civil society collaborations are designed to accomplish!  We recommend your reading --

The Era of Behavior Demands Principled Sustainability
(Friday - September 20, 2013)  Source: Dov Seidman, Forbes- Tomorrow, I’ll be addressing chief executives from around the world at the U.N. Global Compact’s triennial Leaders Summit in New York. In addition to my remarks, I look forward to leading a discussion with Fu Chengyu, Chairman of...

Sustainability in Focus

UN Global Compact Launches Stock Index
(Thursday - September 19, 2013) Associated Profiles : UN - Global Compact 
Source: UN Global Compact - The UN Global Compact today launched the “Global Compact 100” – a stock index of companies committed to the Global Compact ten principles that shows a total investment return of 26.4 percent during the past year, surpassing the...

Textiles sustainability group to host open meeting during market
(Friday - September 20, 2013) Associated Profiles :Sustainable Apparel Coalition 
Source: Home Textiles Today - Since last March, the group has made a number of strides, including: Completed assessment of the îSustainable Apparel Coalitionî's Higg Index for apparel and identified the customizations...

Sustainability Summit Explores the Many Ways to Leave Fossil Fuels Behind
(Friday - September 20, 2013) 
Source: New Jersey Spotlight - New Jersey is failing to take advantage of opportunities to reduce its use of fossil fuels and convert to cleaner, renewable sources of energy, according to a group trying to promote a more sustainable economy in the state.

How to follow the paths of sustainability trailblazers      
(Thursday - September 19, 2013) 
Source: GreenBiz - Sustainability pioneers do not rest on their laurels. They consistently and passionately work toward long-term improvement, and they are powerful examples of persistent boldness and conviction, particularly when the going gets...

Walmart Takes New Strides Toward Sustainability
(Tuesday - September 17, 2013) 
Source: Daily Green - When it comes to aiming to make the world's largest retailer sustainable, Walmart is focusing on "key initiatives where it can use its size and scale to help address 'hot spots' and accelerate progress in supply chain...

3D Printing in the context of cleantech and sustainability
(Monday - September 16, 2013) Associated Profiles : Clean Edge 
Source: - Three dimensional (3D) printing has gained a lot of attention lately. While invented in the 1980âs, 3D printing technologies have made rapid progress in the past decade and corporations in various industries...

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